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Katrina Kaif in Kala Chashma or Parineeti Chopra in Jaaneman Aah?

Who flaunted their abs in the sexiest way? Katrina or Parineeti? Post your views in the comment below.
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This month seems to be full with attractive sexy numbers with grooves. We are talking about two stunning video song of the month – Kala Chashma and Jaaneman Aah. The song Kala Chashma from 'Baar Baar Dekho' has been divulged today though Jaaneman Aah from "Dishoom" released on July 12. Both the songs have been complimented by Bollywood fans however there is something that fans just can't overlook and it has turned into the most blazing topic of discussion is Katrina Kaif and Parineeti Chopra's abs.

Yes, the thing that we'll all observe in these two video songs are the ladies' well toned abs. Talking about Parineeti Chopra, we are certain she needed to sweat it out vigorously to shed those puppy fats and the aftereffect of that exertion is perfectly clear in the song Jaaneman Aah. She has put huge endeavors to match with Varun Dhawan's dance moves furthermore get those hot abs.

Previously, we have seen Parineeti Chopra grooving. Be that as it may, in such an sexy avatar, it was the first time ever. Since the time she lost those puppy fats, B-town is going gaga about her change. But still there are people who prefer the chubby Parineeti. We think it was the actress’ abs that stole the show more than the kiss at the end.

Parineeti Chopra's Fat to Fit Transformation will give you some real fitness goal.

Coming to Katrina Kaif's look in Kala Chashma – the first thing that came in our mind was her Chikni Chameli avatar. Kat is looking super provocative in this song. She has the swag right however again what everybody saw, was her abs. Furthermore we believe that the 33-year-old actress has worked great towards her dancing skills compared to acting.

Katrina Kaif has put in parcel of vitality to get this Kala Chashma dance act. Her abs in this hip melody is something you truly can't quit dribbling. As of late amid the inauguration function of IPL this year, Katrina snatched a huge number of eyeballs for two reasons – one was for her killer abs and other was for her hip twirl with DJ Bravo. The Internet went insane then and this time once more, her fans would go insane seeing her in this party anthem of the year.

Both Katrina Kaif and Parineeti Chopra have left everybody staggered with their well toned abs and we are sure young ladies out there would be craving to get one like that. We find both Kat and Pari's abs super sexy. Be that as it may, as per you who has those perfect abs – Katrina or Parineeti? Post your views in the comment below.

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