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Record Video Chats With VLC Media Player

Know here how to capture video calls or chats through VLC media player, in a simple way.

Sitting for those Skype gatherings with your customers regularly make you think in the event that you could have recorded the discussion. So that next time, the customer rejects of saying something you have the verification. Likewise you long to see your better half ordinary. Shockingly your timings don't coordinate regular. So why not record your video visit to watch it later for some missing you disorders?

All things considered, introducing VLC Media Player may take care of every one of your issues. VLC has an extensive variety of components that you won't not have known it could do.

Your webcam could conceivably have accompanied programming to take pictures and record recordings. Notwithstanding, VLC has some focal points over both. Not just would you be able to pick a few distinctive sorts of configurations to record to, you can likewise change various fine grain settings if necessary.

This is helpful for making YouTube videos or recording video messages to send to friends or relatives. Here's how to record video from your webcam:

Under Media, click Open Capture Device.
In the "Capture mode" drop down, select DirectShow.
For "Video device name" choose your webcam.
For "Audio device name" choose your microphone.
Click "Advanced options."
1. If you want to use the software that came with your device to control input settings, choose "Device properties."

2. Otherwise, enter a value for "Video input frame rate." 30 is a good rule of thumb for smooth video, though you can use less if you're not concerned about quality.

3. Click Ok.

At this point, you have two options. You can click Play to play live video through VLC and record segments as needed by pressing the red Record button. Alternatively, you can choose "Convert/Save" from the dropdown and select where you would like the recorded file to go. Both methods have their advantages. The former allows you to preview your video and take clips in short bursts. However, this method requires headphones, as it can create a feedback loop. It also may cause a more sluggish recording on slower computers.

Using the Convert/Save method avoids the feedback problem but it also doesn't provide you much information on what you're looking at or when you're done recording. You can stop the recording by pressing Stop in the player, but there's no indicator that you are still recording at the time.

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