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7 Mistakes in Bajrangi Bhaijaan your eye has skipped

Your teary eyes are bound to have missed these crazy blunders in Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Check out those galti se mistakes.
Your teary eyes are bound to have missed these crazy blunders in Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

1) Geographically weak?
Narowal, Munni’s native district is shown to be a hill station in Pakistan with snow, beautiful peaks et al. But in reality, Narowal is a plain which lies in Punjab, Pakistan! 

2) Repeated Cricket Match
The cricket match which shows Pakistan winning has been repeated twice in the film: One at the beginning, and one six years later! The director’s not to be blamed for this one, because Pakistan has won only so often against us that the footage had to be repeated! BURN.

3) Pakistani Railways are not blue!
In the scene where Nawazuddin is reporting on the railway station, the trains are that of Indian Railways! Not only is the scene a blatant rip-off from a viral video, but it is also factually incorrect. Not so ‘honest’ now, are you Bajrangi?

4) Visa Power?
In the entire movie, Salman never exchanges his currency for Pakistani Rupee despite being warned. So does he pay with the Indian Rupee at the Dhaba? We’ll never know.


5) Exhaust-ed?
The memorable scene where Munni inserts a banana into the exhaust pipe of a jeep in order to hitch a ride poses a really big question. How on earth did the Jeep even start, if there was something blocking the pipe?


6) Chand Nawab’s Hi-tech Phone
When Chand Nawab’s assistant calls him to ask about his whereabouts and Chand misleads him by saying that they left the dargah, the qawalli is still playing in the background! So either Chand has a really superior smartphone with unrealistic noise-cancellation technology, or the director was just lazy.

7) YouTube blunder
The main reason for Bajrangi’s success was Chand Nawab’s viral video which was raking up millions of views on YouTube. But here’s the twist: Pakistan has banned YouTube! Yep, the Pakistani Government has imposed a ‘No Entry’ on the popular video sharing platform.


But hey, no amount of mistakes can refute the simple fact that the movie was really good, and we forgive the filmmakers for their ‘Galti Se Mistakes!’
Source: MTV

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