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Rakhi Sawant embarasses haters with blunt remark on #bajaoed session

Rakhi Sawant is again in the whips up a storm again and as is obvious with her, not in a good way at all. She takes pride in proving how gallant and brave she is and how inconsequential others are. But this woman does make a few statements which are weird yet true. In this video, Rakhi goes full blast on people who say anything about her on Twitter one by one. The more you listen to this, more you will cringe for sure…

Rakhi Sawant takes on the nastiest & craziest things she's read about herself on social media platforms! Rakhi reacts in her blatant best, to parallels drawn between her and mainstream Bollywood bombshell Sunny Leone, the man of controversy Lalit Modi and eccentric CEO and founder of Housing.com Rahul Yadav.

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