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Why Sonakshi Sinha Says NO To Bikinis

Sonakshi Sinha has often been on the wrong side of the fashion police. But the Dabangg girl is all set to change that. Flaunting a newly sculpted body, Sonakshi has done a photoshoot for the December 2013 issue of L'Officiel India. With Sonakshi going bold and playing up her oomph factor, this shoot breaks all stereotypes this demure beauty has been cast into. Wearing a sheer Jatin Verma gown, she has been photogrpahed by Suresh Natrajan. Excerpts from her interview done as part of her photoshoot:

You look very different from a typical Hindi film heroine. Does that work for or against you in Bollywood?
3 years. 9 films. Mostly all biggest grossers of the year. So you tell me if that has worked for me or against me? And I received a lot of appreciation for holding on my own, no matter who I was paired with, be it Salman or the current favourite Ranveer.   

Talking of Ranveer, you made considerable advances on him in Lootera, breaking your on-screen image of a demure woman. You even did an intimate scene with him. Will we see you breaking more boundaries on screen in future? Like in a bikini? Or a steamy kissing scene?
As you move ahead in life, you tend to do different things that will naturally break some old moulds that people may have set you in. I did an intimate scene with Ranveer because the script required it, not because I was looking to ditch my coy on-screen image. And I stuck to doing only what I was comfortable with. When Vikramaditya (Motwane) came to me with the script, it had a full-fledged kissing scene. I told him I won’t be able to do it. He really wanted me to be a part of the film so he accommodated my demand and replaced the kissing scene with an aesthetically shot intimate scene. As for a bikini, I won’t be at ease being seen in one, so I won’t do it. I have to face my parents. I like being edgy and experimental sometimes, but I won’t cross the line of comfort.  

Do you think being a Sinha daughter has helped you in your Bollywood innings? Or like many other Bollywood kids, are you also going to crib about the family name putting pressure on you instead? 
I did get a lot of opportunities served on a platter because of my family name. Why should I deny it? But having said that, the family name only helps you get your foot into the industry, which in itself is a big deal. After that, if you don’t prove yourself, you are written off. My audiences loved me from my debut in Dabbang. They saw a spark in me, and that pushed me to give more. I don’t know the last time so much pressure was put on any actress.

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