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Sunny Leone in Jism 2
All that glitters is not gold and all porn stars are not bold,” says the inimitable Mahesh Bhatt while revealing that Sunny Leone was shy and uncomfortable while filming lovemaking scenes with costar Randeep Hooda in her Bollywood debut, Jism 2.
“Just because she is a porn star doesn’t mean that she has lost her feminine quality of being shy. During the lovemaking scene with Randeep she was finding it difficult to do it comfortably,” says Bhatt, who is producing the film. ‘Jo nazar aata hai wo hota nahin hai’. All that glitters is not gold, all soldiers are not brave, all holy men are not holy and all porn stars are not bold. At times reality is different,” he adds.
Filmmaker says Leone wasn’t comfortable doing intimate scenes!!
The Indo-canadian adult star was finalised for the role by Bhatt during her stint in the reality show Bigg Boss 5. Jism 2 is a sequel to the 2003 film in which Bipasha Basu’s steamy scenes became the talk of the town. Pooja Bhatt, who had produced the original, is directing part two.
Randeep was also uncomfortable while shooting the scenes. “Even for Randeep it was very challenging although he has shot similar scenes before. One has to understand that it’s not a fighting scene,” says Bhatt.

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