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Rakhi says no to 2nd Swayamvar to NDTV

Rakhi Sawant-The queen of melodrama who flaunts her plastic surgery assets does not believe in the saying “once bitten twice shy”. NDTV Imagine successfully launched the first ever Swayamvar and Miss Sawant got engaged to NRI Elesh Parujanwala. This show was a grand success as it hogged all the limelight and had excellent TRP’s.
Rakhi and Elesh seemed blissfully happy but very soon the media reported that the couple was facing scalding problems and all was not well in La La Land. The couple called it quits and NDTV again approached Rakhi Sawant for Swayamvar Season 2.
The dusky beauty known for item numbers in Bollywood was under scrutiny and she made headlines again by stating that she is too busy with work and will marry when the time is right.
However, in a recent interview Rakhi said that hopefully she would get married one day but it would happen only through a magnificent Swayamvar. Rakhi Sawant, who is known to do anything to attain publicity and attract attention, dreams of hosting another Swayamvar for herself. Are there any takers for Rakhi Sawant ka 2nd Swayamvar? Is anyone listening?

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