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'I wish I would still get eidi...' - Zarine

Eid ul Fitr are Arabic words. While Eid means "festivity," Fitr means "breaking the fast". Eid is the conclusion of the thirty days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan.
I miss the time when my naani (maternal grandmother) was alive and our entire family use to gather at her house for Eid lunch. We ate together after we shook hands and asked each other for forgiveness. After that we would go to our neighbors and relatives for asking forgiveness too. As a child I loved dressing up and enjoyed all the festivities. Even now Eid is the time I love shopping for Indian wear and dressing up. I read the Quran which gives me a very good feeling and gives me peace.

My mom makes the world's best biryani and sheer korma that we love feasting on. As a kid I used to get lots of eidi but now that I've grown up I have to give eidi. I wish that I would still get eidi because I love the feeling of receiving it. Apart from delicious non-vegetarian items one can also enjoy various kinds of mithai (sweets) especially kheer, malpua, phirni, jalebi and even paneer ka samosa during Eid.

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