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Naxals are not terrorists says Sunil Shetty

Bollywood Actor Sunil Shetty, who plays a pivotal role in his forthcoming movie ‘Red Alert – The War Within’, says suthat he condemns the increasing Maoist violence in the country but at the same time adds that the guerrillas are not the one who can be defined as ‘terrorists’.

Based on a real life story, director Ananth Mahadevan’s Red Alert – The War Within is about the life of a farmer, being casted by Sunil Shetty.

“Naxals are often helpless people who have been exploited, their mineral ores seized and their existence threatened. One cannot just eliminate or deal with them harshly because they are our own people and not terrorists,” Suniel said in an interview.

“It is quite disheartening that the Naxal violence has taken such shocking proportions. Violence can only result in violence and the Red Belt is bleeding with violence now. The more we try to get out of this complicated situation, the more we get knotted up,” he added.

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