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Avatar: If Bollywood went to Pandora!

Naagin Neytiri: Mallika Sherawat has already passed on to phase two. She's already been assimilated into Hollywood. Turning Na'vi just seems to be icing on the cake.

Avatar director James Cameron was recently in India for a meet on films, trade and blah! But we assume the real reason behind his stay was to hire actors for a Bollywood sequel to one of the biggest movies ever made.

And forget CGI gimmicks! Crazy Cameron is actually planning on cultivating 'Na'vi DNA' and injecting them into the ones from Mumbai. Cameron was reportedly heard claiming that Avatar 2: Back to Pandora will actually involve human cloning - quite unlike Spileberg's trick hens in Jurassic Park.

And to prove to the world we're as serious as an invasion, our photographer has some photographs! 
Source: Sify

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