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Know about radioBollyFM.
"radioBollyFM" or "bollyfm" is the name related to Bollywood, FM & Radio. It offers mainly two services one is the Live Radio named "radioBollyFM" or "bollyfmradio" where you could listen to your favourite bollywood songs of every genres and the other one is the bollywood blog named "bollyfmblog" from where you can read and watch exclusive bollywood gossips, videos, fashion, shopping, health and grooming news.

radioBollyFM thanks and congratulates every listener, supporter and Guest RJ who was and are attached.

Mission: "bollyfm", "BollyFM", "bollyfmblog", "bollyfmradio" are several services provided by "radioBollyFM", India's First Live 24x7 Bollywood Internet Radio Which Supports Surround Sounds, "radioBollyFM" is a tribute to all those hindi music singers, lyrics writers, music composers who contributed and laid foundation of bollywood music. Its mission is to deliver all the bollywood news for its fans and the Internet radio to all over world.

History: All the journey started since orkut days by Jony S (the owner), first ever radio came with Group RJing, the single radio for multiple communities then It started it's own website to deliver the radio to its listeners worldwide, you can listen from desktop to mobile and from every possible devices those are connected to Internet. It was one of the top 5 radio stations on online radio directory from mid 2010 to end of 2012. The first idea came up on Oct. 2009 and then it started it's test stream on Dec 2009 with almost 30 listeners and after that radiobollyFM launched officially on January 1, 2010 along with it's own website www.radiobollyfm.com which is currently re-owned by radioBollyFM, with user request system, chatting with other listeners and the gossip blog. Sadly after 3 years on 2013 it faced some issues which made radioBollyFM bound to stop its services. Received lots of mails and letters regarding come back of radio and with the wishes and bless we took another attempt to resume the operation of radioBollyFM on 2014, the www.radiobollyfm.in has been registered and then radioBollyFM resumed its blog service only which is all about bollywood news and gossips on blog.radiobollyfm.in.

It was in plan to resume the most demanded thing that is live radio whenever it's possible.
Now you have a good news from radioBollyFM.

After resuming the blog there's another good news for all the listeners and supporters, your most awaited radio is back now from this Dec. 2015.

Social Apperance: First of all we started the radio and blog with several freely available services whichever was needed to serve the live radio and the blog for it's listeners and viewers, later on we had purchased/hired domain names/servers. So that listeners could enjoy their radio from a clean platform and stay safe.

Official Links: www.radiobollyfm.com, blog.radiobollyfm.com, podcast.radiobollyfm.com, www.radiobollyfm.in, blog.radiobollyfm.in, podcast.radiobollyfm.in

Social Media Handles:
Twitter - twitter.com/bollyfm
Facebook - facebook.com/bollyfm
Instagram - instagram.com/radiobollyfm
Linkedin - linkedin.com/company/radiobollyfm

Email us your inquiry, feedback or suggestion here contact(at)radiobollyfm.in or radiobollyfm(at)gmail.com
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