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Priyanka Chopra will never marry an actor?

Ever since her friendship with Shahid Kapoor has gone awry, there has been a lot of speculation on Priyanka and Shahid's break-up. First of all I do not understand why media and bollywood gossip mills are giving importance to Priyanka -Shahid's friendship...they never openly accepted that they are friendly in the first place or they want to take their friendship one step ahead of friendship some day. But media and gossip mills keep talking about them. Yaar yeh publicity ka zammana hai, tabhi toh as per bollywood khabrie PRIYANKA CHOPRA will never marry an actor. She will marry a sports person or a bussiness tycoon or some one who is loaded with money and is powerful and popular. This person insists that the family is all for a non-actor.

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