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Akshay Kumar: Perfect Son-in-Law?

Married to Dimple’s elder daughter, Twinkle Khanna, the ma-in-law says Akki pampers her completely.

“You know we are working together in a film called Patiala House. And I was quite worried about working with him because he is such a perfectionist, but he just spoils me! I think in his head, he says ‘it's ma..unko chhod do’ and let me do my own thing,” she says with a smile.

“I totally enjoy being on the sets with him. He is lovely, always checking on me to see if I am comfortable or if I need anything. And even at home, it is a pleasure… he is such a nice man. Genuinely caring and loving,” she adds.

But as much as Akshay loves his mother-in-law, Dimple says these days, she is hiding from him!

“You know my grandson (Aarav) recently won an award. Twinkle and Akshay were not in the country, as he had a doctor’s appointment. So, I was designated to take Aarav to the function. My grandson was so excited that he kept practicing his thank you speech for like 2 days! Of course, I was given instructions to prepare a few lines and speak at the function too.”

“But when he got there on stage, Aarav got nervous and just took his trophy and was about to leave. He just forgot his lines. So, obviously, nani should have spoken na? But guess what! I hadn’t prepared anything either!! And so, I am hiding from my son-in-law these days,” she says with a laugh.
Source: StarBoxOffice 

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