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Arbaaz Khan to direct Dabangg sequel

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Well, we are sure that you all will be waiting with bated breath to know the status of the sequel of the smash hit film Dabangg. So are we. Well, the news is finally out that it's not Abhinav Kashyap, but Arbaaz Khan himself who will be directing the much awaited sequel, thus marking his directorial debut!

News has it that, there were some differences between the Khan brothers and Abhinav Kashyap. What happened was that, Arbaaz received a SMS from Abhinav stating that he won't be directing the sequel. Meanwhile, Arbaaz did not deny the 'differences' aspect between Abhinav and him over a couple of weeks. Arbaaz also said that it was strange that Abhinav, rather than coming personally, sent him just a SMS telling him about him not directing the sequel.

Abhinav's exit has now paved an entry to Arbaaz Khan, who will now be donning the director's cap. On a lighter note, one is reminded of Salman Khan's famous statement in the film 'Ab tak nahlaaya tha... ab dhoonugaa". In the same breath, Arbaaz Khan can now say, 'Ab tak film produce lkiya tha... ab direct karoonga'! What say, Arbaaz Dabangg Khan.

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