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Honey Singh scares away wild boars in Nainital!

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Villagers have put up loudspeakers that play the latest songs of Yo Yo Honey Singh and other Punjabi singers at full blast and that quite often drive away not just the boars but other wild animals.

Wild boars have wreaked such havoc in Uttarakhand's agricultural fields that the government has been forced to declare them pests and sanction their culling. That hasn't helped much though, as the beasts are as strong as they are evasive. Farmers have now had a brainwave -- and it seems to be working. They have put up loudspeakers that play the latest songs of Yo Yo Honey Singh and other Punjabi singers at full blast and that quite often drive away not just the boars but other wild animals.

Bishan Jantwal (48), a farmer at Dhari village of Nainital district, who has installed loudspeakers around his farmland to protect his potato crop, seems happy to see that the idea is working. "I used to hear from elders in the house that wild animals avoid places where there is a human habitat. I thought of playing music to let them know of human presence. And it has worked," Jantwal said.

Gradually, others in nearby villages also picked up the idea, which has now become talk of the town.

The initiative, started in October, involves less investment than usual practices adopted by the government departments such as playing recorded voices of tiger and other wild animals. To top it all, neighbours who enjoy the latest numbers all daylong are not complaining either.

The setup includes calculated installation of logs on which loudspeakers are mounted - which are then connected to music systems in houses situated closest to agricultural fields. "Apart from party songs with high musical notes and loud beats, we also play bhajans which have similar effects over wild boars and other species like jackal, nilgai and others," Jantwal added.

Last year, farmers of the region were left bankrupt after wild animals destroyed their crops of potato, tomato and wheat. Various measures, including guarding the fields 24x7, beating tin and aluminum sheets and iron cans aloud to repel the wild failed to curb the menace. Officials from the forest and agriculture departments suggested playing recorded voices of tiger and other wild animals which worked initially, but failed to have any effect on animals later.

Sangram Bisht (38), another farmer from Taadikhet block of the district, said, "The idea is hit across the region and we are grateful to Bishan for sharing it with us. Now we will be able to feed our families at least."

Source: TOI

Dheere Dheere: Sonam Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan Appear in New Video for 1990 Love Song

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Yo Yo Honey Singh re-recorded "Dheere Dheere" for the video, reports say. The song originally appeared in the 1990 musical "Aashiqui," directed by Mahesh Bhatt.

There are some things that should never happen in this world. No one should have a clump of his/her
hair dyed orange. Honey Singh shouldn't sing. Unfortunately, though, both happened in a video titled 'Dheere Dheere', starring Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor.
In Loving Memory of Shri GULSHAN KUMAR, we present to you Bhushan Kumar's "Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi" Song recreated by YO YO HONEY SINGH directed by Ahmed Khan featuring HRITHIK ROSHAN & SONAM KAPOOR - T-Series.
Dheere Dheere revolves around a man, who lives in what looks like a heritage hotel. He is frequently seen walking up and down stairs, across halls and around roads, mostly escorted by people in suits.
We suspect the lackeys have been employed to solely prevent the plume of orange hair sitting on the center of his head, like marmalade topping on a cupcake, from toppling. It also has a woman. A woman, whose sole business is to smile and look startled. She also wears fabulous clothes. Absolutely gorgeous clothes. Such awesome clothes. In short, she is Sonam Kapoor.

So rich man meets girl whose economic status is unknown to us. However, she is aam at heart, and slightly impractical. Standing under glaring sunshine, she makes a face at the said rich man's luxury car and gestures that her bicycle is better. Rich man goes all 'awww' like we go at 'cat argues with pigeon' videos.

He then invites her to arrange a party at his house.  And then, keeps staring at her like she is that particularly cunning fly which escapes every swat of your newspaper roll. Following that, he puts up pictures of her up everywhere in the house. Since we have already established with the bicycle incident that the girl has no great regard for sanity, she is thrilled at running into a stranger's house filled with pictures of her.
And then... they fall in love etc.
Holding this great testimony to the frivolity of modern romance together is party baba Honey Singh. But oh, he says nothing about chicken, alcohol or girls in small clothes and Gurgaon. We are not very sure what he is saying in the Punjabi rap, but he sings bits from the Aashiqui classic Dheere Dheere.
There are two feelings that course through you then: one of extreme violence towards Singh, and one of motherly protectiveness towards the original Dheere Dheere. Since you are a law abiding human being who won't act on the former, you can search the 90s classic out on YouTube and listen to it on loop till the only memory of you have of Dheere Dheere ft pind da puttar, is a swirl of orange on a male head. That one's going to take time to forget.

Watch full video here:

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