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Why prioritizing yourself is important?

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Social connection or rather relationship is an essential part of our existence and certainly something we will not be able to avoid. It is fair enough to give some time to build a relationship that you share with your family, and friends but the core point to remember is, you are still an individual. To discover yourself is a big challenge, so it is important for you to focus on yourself first before you turn your focus on others.

1. You will learn to find comfort in solitude.

Socializing can be a fun thing to do, all the chit chats and laughter can boost your mood, and make you feel better about yourself. Also having friends, makes you feel important and cared but it is wise to understand that external factors will fade away with time hence it is important to feel genuine contentment from within you. It is important for you to take some time off, prioritize yourself and learn about yourself in depth. This means, at times you will need to take a break from your busy lifestyle and spend a good quality of time on yourself ; paying attention to little details of your likes and dislikes, spending time doing things that makes you happy. When you are truly comfortable and happy in your own solitary, you will eventually become a happy person in any situation.

2.  You will get more things figured.

It is no surprise that family or friends can impact our decision making skills. This happens as we are open with emotions with them because we trust them, which eventually making our mind to believe that they know us better than we do hence their advices should be apt for the situation. That is totally the opposite. No one knows yourself better than yourself – in short, you know the answers to your questions. Prioritizing yourself will help you to know what you really want vs what is good for you. Life is all about the choices but there isn’t any rules that you will need to play it safe – all the time. It is okay to take some risk and explore the path unknown. Most of the time, these are the choices that will help you to grow as an individual.

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5 Love Lessons From Bollywood We Can Learn

Love Lessons, Relationship

From the last couple of years, I've stopped watching Bollywood movies ; instead, I've started observing them. From the countless movies that I watched, the most common aspect is none other than - love (and also strict parents -_- ). Hence, I came up with 5 most valuable (or not) love lessons from Bollywood, that we ( excluding me) can take a bit or more *twinkles*.

Love Lessons, Relationship

1. Love at first sight is not a myth.
Boy rides the bike, stops as the traffic light turns red, then sees girl crossing the road, slow music in the background, girl's hair blown away by the wind, boy stares at girl, and we the audience, goes “awwwww” as he goes “woooooo”. Some of us might find it funny, and some might find it out of sense, but Bollywood directors believe it's one of the most romantic scenes (smh). Back to the reality, nothing is impossible - hence minus the wind and background music, love at first sight is possible. Eg : One of the scenes in Main Hoon Na , where Major Ram (SRK) goes speechless , when Chandni (Sushmita Sen) walks into the college ground and eventually singing a song, that coincidently has her name. Hmm, hota hain ji , hota hain, pyaar main kabhi kabhi aisa bhi hota hai. Therefore, if you see a girl / boy for the first time, and your heart is racing, butterflies are flying in your stomach, well it could be love at first sight *winks* .

Love Lessons, Relationship

2. Bravery is essential for the romantic hearts
The tough part is not the falling in love phase, but the expressing the love stage. Sweaty palms (armpits too), heart beating fast and weird sound coming out of your stomach. I know , the very same feelings you get while watching cricket matches (Ind vs any team, literally) but yaar, Bollywood se kuch toh seekhlo. In Aisha, hamari pyaari Sonu, who played the role of Aisha, literally got on the stage and expressed her love for Arjun (Abhay Deol) ; well, all along she was playing the role of a cupid and she forgot to be one for herself (I can relate to this one :P) . The speech she gave was indeed adorable but unfortunately, at the wrong wedding (oh no , poor Aisha :|). Jo bhi hain, she was brave (standing ovation & claps), she deserves it *winks*. Moral of the story, if you love someone, gather your guts and express your love, chahhiye kuch bhi ho jaye ( even if aap wrong wedding hall main jaaye *giggles*)

Love Lessons, Relationship

3. Loyalty is the best policy. 
Here comes the MOST important aspect of them all *suspense background music* LOYALTY. Oh yes, lets get back to old school! The best thing about Bollywood romance is, the depth of loyalty our beloved lovers have for each other. Maarne ke baad bhi pyaar zinda rehta hain *cries in a corner*. I mean, isn't being loyal, one of the essential aspects in a relationship? I'm proud of the Bollywood industry for still putting in effort, portraying this aspect in the movies. Veer-Zaara, one of the excellent movies of our time, is mainly about true love & loyalty ; Veer (SRK) & Zaara (Preity Zinta) drift apart due to some serious family issue , eventually Veer goes to jail & Zaara flees to India, now the  essential part here is, they're still single after 2 decades (of course marriage in the jail is never gonna happen, makes sense but Zaara?), and they're reunited, in the end. Hence, lesson to learn from this, is to be honest and loyal to your partner, because love is easy, being loyal and honest is always challenging.

Love Lessons, Relationship

4. Fight for something you strongly believe.
Falling in love is easy, propose phase is also easy but to convince one's parents , for marriage, is the toughest phase you can ever go through in your life. Final exam bhi iske aage kuch nahi hain. It's a painful situation , literally, and if it's between two different culture/religion, ; be ready for the rona-dhona and emotional outburst , afterwards. Ananya (Alia Bhatt) and Krish (Arjun Kapoor) in 2 States, represent the perfect situation a couple goes through in an inter-culture marriage. Despite of all that happened, they managed to get approval from their parents, because they fought and they fought harder every time, for  they strongly believed in their love.

Love Lessons, Relationship

5. In the end, all is well.
Happy ending is the synonym of Bollywood; most movies, end with good stuffs, making us laugh, smile and all happy. From Sangam to 2 States, all love stories that we watched, over the years, portrays the struggle, hurdles and what not, but what really matters is , there is always a light at the end of the tunnel (or if you don't see a light, then you need to check an eye specialist *giggles*) and yes, despite of everything ; life goes on but never ever give up on something you'll never go without for a day. In Lakshya, Romi (Preity Zinta) and Karan (Hrithik Roshan) share a very romantic relationship, yet they had to split away due to circumstances, but again, despite the distance and misunderstandings, they finally reunite in the end ; and they live happily ever after with their children, Munna and Munni (okay that was not in the script :P) *bhaagooooo*

Love Lessons, Relationship

Love is the most beautiful emotion one can feel, and Bollywood depicts love in a pleasant form ; love at first sight, singing duets in dusra desh, fights and dramas (jaa simran jaa types) and well, the ever known happy endings. In spite of all these unfavorable scenes, dialogues and songs, Bollywood taught us that love, is indeed essential for a beautiful life, and yes, only love can overcome hate.

Love Lessons, Relationship

*Love, laugh and laugh harder !
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