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Salman is not keen on recieving any awards…

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Salman is not keen on recieving any awards…

Salman Khan has had a filmy career of 23 long years. And, 2010, brought him his first best actor award for Dabangg. But, more than recieving his first best actor award, Sallu is happy with the audience reaction for his film.

“I don’t want any awards. I have told all the producers to not put best actor nomination. I don’t want to be a nominee. I get my recognition and appreciation when the theatres are full…when people whistle and clap,” Salman said.

“From the masses it’s their love that matters to me. When the film goes from single theatres to multiplex theatres it is an award for me. I would rather believe in these rewards than such awards,” Salman added.

“There was a time when everyone else’s films were working and my films were getting bombed…left, right and centre. I had to do films as I liked the script…but then I couldn’t put my foot down on edit or re-shoot some scenes. But today I have realised as audience spend money for films…so it’s my responsibility to ensure they are entertained,” the actor said.

“Even if I don’t get my salary or remuneration from now onwards it doesn’t matter to me I am going to be fine with it. Anyways, everything I earn goes to the charitable trust ‘Being Human’ so that is something I am not worried at all. What I am worried about is when my film releases audiences should be happy and satisfied,” the 45-year-old actor said.

Speaking about his upcoming and one of the most awaited flick Ready, Salman clarified why two songs -’Character Dheela’ along with Zarine Khan and ‘Dhinka Chika’ were shot again.

“Two songs have been re-shot because I wasn’t happy with what was shot in Bangkok. I heard the audio…saw visuals and thought they didn’t match up. There’s no strategy. I just wanted the song to be better. That is why we shot the songs again and we got that,” Salman said.

The actor concluded saying, “I am all looking forward for ‘Ready’. I just hope we stand up to the expectations,”.

‘Ready’ is slated to release on June 3.

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