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Yaad hai woh Pyaar Ka Punchnama wala dialouge? She nails in with this video reply.

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I loved Pyaar Ka Punchnama. I agree it was a tad bit biased and there were many things that I as a woman wouldn’t agree to, but nonetheless I loved it. And I especially loved the part where the protagonist, Rajat rants on about the problem called ‘girls’.

But each story has two sides to share. If guys hate having pillow talks, then girls hate having to fake orgasm. If guys hate it when their girlfriend disturbs them during a cricket match, then girls hate it when guys compare how some other girl is dressed and they should dress more like her.

This girl came up with this epic response video. I know a lot of guys won’t agree to it, but Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.
Bandi ke peeche bhaagna, bandi ko date karne ke baare mein sab batate hai.
Iske baad ki problems koi nahi batata.
While the world of men is going gaga over the lengthy monologue from the movie 'Pyaar Ka Punchnama', they are missing out the point that a relationship is made up of two. Our latest video 'Best Reply To Pyaar Ka Punchnama | Female Version' is a fitting reply to all those men out there who think of themselves as a victim in a relationship while all they do is make noise through such insane speeches. Watch it boys and next time try to talk some sense at least!

Readers Question for Tripti, Manpreet, Varsha:
I wonder ki kitne % ladke full video/audio dekha/suna hoga. However, we have some questions against your reply. After listening to your speech Nation wants to know the explanation of this.
Ek toh aaj ki baat pe argument aaj hoga hi nahi, Aaj ki baat pe jhagda hoga 2 mahine baad, Yahaan saala yaad bhi nahi hota hai 2 mahine pehle hua kya tha? Ladkiyaan bacha ke rakhti hain, Yeh chota hatiyar nahi, Yeh bada hatiyar hai, Isse badi ladai mein use karenge. - Rajat
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