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A Vulnerable Heart - Part 2

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I hope you guys enjoyed reading the first part of this tale. Now it's time for the next. Let's see what are going to cook between Vaidahi & Kaishav in this part.

Part 2
“Hey Vaidahi! You have to wait for so long... I am sorry” these words that awakes Vaidahi  from self conversation, running inside her. Kaishav wants to look at her, but she’s blushing so hard that she avoids direct eye contact with him, to save herself  from any awkward situation.  She kept on walking ahead of him, though her mind was still running with the velocity of light, she suddenly turned and took Kaishav’s bag pack. Kaishav was amused, “what are you doing? I mean this bag is not that huge that I have to get help from Rani Lakshmi bai” and he giggled. :P Kaishav always used to tease her like this whenever she talked about her strong side, whether it was on emotional front or the arm wrestling. :D Vaidahi smiled at him and took his bag back and said, “Well! You are my guest and I am supposed to comfort you”. Kaishav replied, “Seriously!” and winks. ;). Vaidahi just realized what she said, and blushed as she’s well-aware of Kaishav’s wicked sense of humor. :D 
Finally, they took auto for her college as she promised her friends that she will definitely introduce her love to them, whenever he is in the city. Kaishav was not alone he came up with his friend that was overlooked by Vaidahi, Obviously. :D In auto, Kaishav introduced his friend to her and the same Vaidahi did when she reached her college, as they both wanted that introduction session to be short. : D After a while; Vaidahi took Kaishav and his friend to the hotel as they both were tired from that long journey, Vaidahi was waiting at the reception to take them out for the lunch at her place, suddenly Kaishav appeared and asked her, “ If you won’t mind you can wait in our room, causeitwill take time.” Vaidahi nodded her head after a pause and said “Okay!” Vaidahi comforts herself on the chair and again starts giving the last final touch to her card, as Kaishav was taking a bath and his friend went out for tea. Suddenly, Kaishav came out after bath, he was lookinglike a “Greek God”, she still can’t manage to have direct eye contact with him but she wants too: D. Vaidahi just took out the card that she made for him and slipped on the table without looking at him, Kaishav laughed hard and kept that card aside and asked her, “Can I get some food, cause I can’t see when I am hungry” and this time his humor doesn’t appeals her much. Vaidahi nodded her head again without having an eye contact and said, “Okay!” then they all went for lunch at Vaidahi’s place. She’s still thinking about the lame gesture shown by Keshav to her…
- Minnie

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