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'Favorite Behenji' Shama Sikander's Transformed Into A 'Hot Babe'

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If you are somebody who followed TV in 1990's, you'd vividly keep in mind a show known as 'Yeh Meri Life Hai'. The show that ran for pretty much 2 years was quite an well-liked one.

Shama Sikander

The story turned around a Gujju Behenji who found love during a hopeless place, that happened to be her school. despite the fact that the story was ready-made, the show became quite in style. If you continue to do not bring it to mind, watch this title track and that we guarantee, you will recall it!

The central character of the show called Pooja was played by Shama Sikander. Shama has not only acted in numerous television serials but has also hosted TV programs as well. Her few appearances as sidekicks in films include Aamir Khan starrer Mann in 1999.

Shama Sikander

However, Shama has currently transformed into a very hot babe. when stalking Shama's Instagram account, we tend to figured that she's not simply loving along with her groom-to-be Alex O'Nell, however she's living her life sort of a BOSS!
Most of her Instagram photos are from her vacations and her photos clearly show that she may be a fully completely different person currently. Different, and HOT. Take a glance at few of her Instagram photos which can positively cause you to cringe!

Buzz is that too many visits to plastic surgeon's clinic is the reason behind her major transformation! Well, still. The change is DRASTIC and UNBELIEVABLE! It's definitely good to know that she's happy and doing good for herself but what is making us cringe is, how did this happen? ANYONE? SOMEONE?

Jackie Shroff’s daughter Krishna shared bold pics.

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