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Radhika Apte's "Find Your Beautiful" makes Deepika’s "My Choice" more powerful

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Deepika Padukone skint the web last year after coming out with a "My Choice" video for Vogue. Deepika, with bright smile and delightful hair, spoke about women empowerment.

Radhika Apte, Find Your Beautiful

Deepika Padukone broke the web last year after starting off with a My Choice video for Vogue. Deepika, with bright smile and delightful hair, spoke about girls empowerment along with some other 100 odd women (most of them celebrities). whereas it was a big factor for a mainstream Bollywood actress to speak about a woman’s right to explore her sexuality, wear what she desires and be liberated, she drew a lot of flak for being moralist in her approach.

Just yesterday, Radhika Apte came out with an excellent video for Blush channel and it too speaks regarding being your own woman. Radhika urges you to ‘Find Your Beautiful’ and break some rules. The Badlapur actress urges that beauty is not skin deep and queries the definition of ‘Good Indian Girl’. Now, though Dippy and Radhika’s videos are on similar lines, there's a obvious difference between the content and treatment of both these videos. we feel that while Deepika’s Vogue video was sleek and glam, Radhika’s had real women with real bodies and equally real message at the end of it.

Radhika Apte

Being liberated is not close to ‘having sex outside of wedding or coming home at 2 am’, it can be as basic as simply being yourself and living life as it comes. Ms Apte’s video makes you realise that. Basically, the My Choice video spoke regarding making decisions to bring down structure and to do what? Dress according to one’s liking and be sexually liberated. There was additional focus on Deepika unhooking her brassiere on the camera than the message itself. It did not once speak about pertinent issues like female foeticide, domestic violence or child abuse. The Unblushed video too doesn’t but there is a difference. Radhika’s video has one straightforward message BE BEAUTIFUL, FEEL BEAUTIFUL and doesn’t faux to be something else. It gives out a transparent message to all the Indian women out there: You don’t need to be slim, fair and tall to be beautiful. you're beautiful by your choices and your inherent spunk, and not because you look a precise way.
What do you think Radhika’s video speaks about the women empowerment in a more real way? Do share your view in the comment section below!

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