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WhatsApp Chatbot Helps Fast-Track Senior Citizens Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

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WhatsApp chatbot helps fast-track senior citizen's vaccination in India. Visit all services that can be availed through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has another chatbot pointed toward aiding quick track COVID-19 immunization measure for senior residents in India amidst the Covid pandemic. Zero subsidizes volunteer association Robin Hood Army on Wednesday dispatched the WhatsApp chatbot that interfaces senior residents with volunteers for assist with the inoculation interaction. The chatbot can likewise be utilized by individuals who need to join the association, share overflow food, or volunteer to assist senior residents with their COVID-19 immunization.

Senior residents need to send 'Hey' to
+91-8971966164 on WhatsApp and afterward react to the relating message with '3' to get a volunteer to assist them with the immunization cycle. Note that the Robin Hood Army is as of now just serving senior residents who live alone.
People can likewise chip in for the COVID-19 inoculation drive or other helpful work led by the association by conveying through the chatbot. There is additionally a choice to impart surplus food to individuals out of luck. The chatbot has been created by man-made reasoning (AI) firm Yellow Messenger.
Previously, CoWIN Registration - How To Register For Vaccination In India explained already.
Robin Hood Army volunteers are accessible across 186 urban communities in 21 states around India. The #SeniorPatrol lobby was dispatched during the all-encompassing lockdown to assist weak senior residents with getting COVID-19 immunizations. It is professed to have helped a large number of senior residents in 155 urban areas to get enlisted on the CoWIN gateway and visit the immunization community for their arrangements.

“We are very excited to launch the #SeniorPatrol campaign on WhatsApp to help senior citizens with their vaccination,” said Neel Ghose, Founder, Robin Hood Army, in a statement. “We believe this campaign will particularly break barriers to vaccination among senior citizens, who can now easily seek help through a simple message on WhatsApp.”

The Government of India launched a new chatbot for WhatsApp to deal with the coronavirus pandemic in India. Send message to MyGov Corona Helpdesk Chatbot on WhatsApp.

Get WHO's Health Alert on WhatsApp, Click on the preferred language you wish to get updates


Send "مرحبا" to +41 79 893 18 92 on WhatsApp


Send "ওহে" to +41 79 893 18 92 on WhatsApp


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Dari (Persian)

Send "سلام" to +41 79 893 18 92 on WhatsApp


Send "hi" to +41 79 893 18 92 on WhatsApp


Send "salut" to +41 79 893 18 92 on WhatsApp


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Send "नमस्ते" to +41 79 893 18 92 on WhatsApp


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CoWIN Registration - How To Register For Vaccination In India

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CoWIN Registration - How To Register For Vaccination In India
Citizens aged 18-44 years should mandatorily register themselves and schedule appointments online before vaccination. On-spot registration or walk-in facility is currently not allowed at private hospitals for the 18-44 years age group.

Those in the age group of 18-44 years can register from April 28; the registrations have started from 4:00 pm onwards. You can log into the Co-WIN portal using the link http://www.cowin.gov.in and click on the “Register/Sign In yourself” tab to register for the COVID-19 vaccination. Alternatively, you can also register for vaccination through the Aarogya Setu App.

From May 1, state governments and private hospitals will procure 50 percent of total doses directly from the open market to vaccinate the 18-44 year age group. The availability of slots will depend on the availability of doses.
Due to limited doses, several states will have their own priority groups within the 18-44 years age group. This state-specific information will soon get reflected on the Co-win when you can make appointments.

Thing to know:

The process of registering and getting the vaccination is also simple and smooth.

Registration Process: Follow these steps to get registered and get vaccinated successfully.

Step – 1 : Visit the portal www.cowin.gov.in.
Step – 2 : Now click on the Register option to start the registration process.
Step – 3 : Here, you have to first provide you your mobile number and have to click on the option of get OTP.
Step – 4 : You have to now provide the OTP that you have received on your mobile number and have to click on the option Verify.
Step – 5 : After OTP verification, the actual registration starts where you have to provide the necessary details.
Step – 6 : Select a Photo ID proof from the dropdown menu first and then provide the ID number.
Step – 7 : Provide your name, date of birth, and your gender exactly what is provided in your Photo ID.
Step – 8 : Finally, proceed to click on the Register button.

After you have successfully registered with CoWIN portal, you will soon get a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

Adding Members: After you have got your registration done, you can also add up other candidates up to a maximum of 3 on your profile. Follow these steps to add other individuals.

Step – 1 : After registration, you can access the page of Account details where you will find the option of Add More on which you have to click.
Step – 2 : Enter the details of the person in the same way how you added your details earlier.
Step – 3 : Now click on the option of Add.
Soon, again you will get a confirmation message of adding a member to your account.

Deleting Members: In case, if you wish to delete a member, you can do it by following these steps.

Step – 1 : Again, from the Account Details page, you can delete a member from your account.

Step – 2 : You will find the option of Delete in front of the name of the existing member on which you have to click.

That’s it and the individual will get deleted from your account.


Aarogya Setu Application: Follow these steps if you wish to register for vaccination through the Arogya Setu application.

Step – 1 : Install the application Arogya Setu on your smartphone from your app store.

Step – 2 : Open the application after it is installed and provide your phone number.

Step – 3 : Enter the OTP that you must have received on your provided phone number and Verify.

Step – 4 : After the verification is done, click on the tab of Vaccination and complete the registration by filling in the required details.

You will get a confirmation after your registration is completed.

Umang Application: Follow these steps to register for vaccination from the Umang site or application.

Step – 1 : If you wish to get the Umang application on your smartphone, you can do so by simply searching for it on your app store and installing it.

Step – 2 : As the application opens up after installing, provide your mobile number on the screen to get OTP.

Step – 3 : Now provide your OTP and let the application verify it.

Step – 4 : After the verification process, you will enter your Umand profile and have to click on the CoWIN option to follow the registration process as mentioned under the section of CoWIN above.

The vaccination may not shield you from the infection. But it will boost up your immune system. This way, the chances of getting an infection will get reduced to a higher extent. Thus, India has finally introduced the largest vaccination drive.
You may face a slight pain in the injected area or in your body, along with weakness and fever. In such a case, consuming paracetamol will help. But if you face any other major side effects, you should immediately contact the helpline number.

CoWIN toll-free helpline number: 1075. You can also get in touch for help at any other number that is +91-11-23978046

COVID-19 transmission is airborne: What does it mean? How to stay safe?

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COVID-19 transmission is airborne

A study published in the peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet earlier this month asserted that SARS-CoV-2 (novel coronavirus) is an airborne pathogen. Researchers said detailed analyses of human interactions and other variables cannot be adequately explained by droplets or fomites as is the predominant scientific view.
  • 'Airborne' does not mean the air is contaminated, said Dr Younus referring to the Lancet study
  • The study said SARS-CoV-2 stayed infectious in the air during laboratory experiments
  • Ditch cloth masks, advised chief of Infectious Diseases at the University of Maryland, Dr Faheem Younus

Reacting to the study, Dr Faheem Younus said on Saturday that 'airborne' means the virus "may remain suspended in the air — typically in indoor settings —and pose a risk".

The recent study by six experts from the UK, the US and Canada, also stated that Covid-19 stayed infectious in the air for up to three hours in the case of laboratory experiments. It was also identified in air filters and building ducts in hospitals housing Covid-19 patients, the study went on to say.

Best mask to consider:

Before buying any mask online we would suggest you read the reviews. While wearing any mask the following things should be taken care of:

  • Wash hands before wearing a mask.
  • Follow the instructions on the package carefully, if available.
  • In general, when wearing a surgical mask, the following should be noted :
  • The colored side of the mask faces outwards, with the metallic strip uppermost;
  • The strings or elastic bands are positioned properly to keep the mask firmly
  • in place;
  • The metallic strip molds to the bridge of the nose;
  • The mask should fully cover the mouth., nose, and chin;
  • The mask should fit snugly over the face.
  • Try not to touch the mask once it is secured on your face. If you must do so, wash your hands before and after touching the mask
  • When taking off the mask, avoid touching the outside of the mask as this part may be covered with germs
  • After taking off the mask, put the mask into a plastic or paper bag before putting it into a dust bin with a lid;
  • A surgical mask should be discarded after use and under no circumstances should it be used for longer than a day. Replace the mask immediately if it is damaged or soiled.
Wearing a mask is just one of the ways to prevent respiratory tract infections. The most important thing a person should do is to observe good personal hygiene practices and a healthy lifestyle. For example, wash hands frequently with liquid soap, especially after sneezing, coughing, or cleaning the nose.

Some of quality mask suggestions:
1. Promisca N95 Protective Face Mask (Pack of 5)
2. DALUCI Cotton Reusable 5 Layered N95 Face Mask (White, Without Valve, Pack of 10)
3. Wildcraft W95 Hypashield Reusable Mask (Black, Pack of 5)
4. Wildcraft SUPERMASK W95 Plus Reusable Outdoor Respirator Mask (Pack of 3)

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