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Bollywood's Most Expensive Flops

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There are times when even maverick directors, superstar actors and earth-shattering budgets are not able to save a film. So despite the trailers suggesting that everything is going right for the film until its release, its fate at the box office shows how every penny spent can be flushed down the drains on a Friday!

The story of these films, touted as some of the costliest in the business, will prove how they became the biggest duds in Bollywood.

1. Shaandaar

I'm sure there were many like me, who genuinely felt bad for this film made at a budget of 75 crores. Once called one of the most awaited movies of 2015, it just took a day for its fall despite a fresh pairing, luxurious sets and superhit songs. Alas! Nothing could save Shaandaar which had no script.

2. Bombay Velvet

Another big flop of 2015, Bombay Velvet has become a scar in the career of director Anurag Kashyap. Cinefans rejected the film so enthusiastically that the 125-crore film had a loss of 100 crores. Many call it the biggest flop in the history of Bollywood. Even actors Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma would prefer to disown this disaster.

3. Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja

It is said that producer Boney Kapoor put all his money in his most ambitious project. At a time when films were made in lakhs, this one had a whopping 9-crore budget. We're assuming even its original director, Shekhar Kapoor, realised how shoddy the film was, before leaving it halfway. Trade analysts held poor dialogues, weak music and a silly story-line responsible for the debacle. We still feel sorry for actors Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and Jackie Shroff.

4. Kites

A superstar son, a brilliant director, a Mexican hottie and a melodic album, but none could save the film. Kites could've been a dream crossover project for Hrithik Roshan onto international cinema. Rakesh Roshan even had a Brett Ratner cut of the film for American audiences. But unfortunately, he also had a cliched script. 150 crores wasted!

5. Asoka

Shah Rukh Khan's dream project refused to go down well both with critics and fans alike. The 3-hour long period film failed at a time when 13 crores was a massive investment.

6. Love Story 2050

With VFX teams from Australia and New Zealand, the film was much hyped in terms of special effects. But producer Harry Baweja's plans of giving his son Harman Baweja his dream launch failed miserably due to a "senseless" script. While Harman ended up with the tag of a Hrithik-lookalike, the corny film also lead to his breakup with his rumoured girlfriend and his female lead Priyanka Chopra. Ouch!

7. Raavan

Mani Ratnam was supposed to make a comeback with this mega project starring Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. With a sloppy script, the 100-crore film lost more than 50% at the box office.

8. Mangal Pandey

We know how much time Aamir Khan took to prepare for this film to completely look his part. It was also one of the most eagerly awaited movies. But the basic idea of a prostitute romancing one of India's favourite freedom fighters didn't go down well with many. All we remember in this 35-crore film is Aamir's long hair and his big moustache.

9. Saawariya

Under Sanjay Leela Bhansali's banner, it could've been the perfect launchpad for Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor. But the story wasn't well received in the Indian market. Completely shot on 'blue-coloured' sets, the 40-crore film, after a point, left the audience gasping for some sunlight and fresh air.

10. Raju Chacha

It was made at a budget of 30 crores at a time when lavish films required 15 crores tops. Even its Christmas release couldn't do it any good. It's unfortunate resemblance to the 1965 classic The Sound of Music, a long and poor screenplay, and insipid lead performances crashed the film, much to the loss of producer-actor Ajay Devgan.

11. Blue

At 129 crores, this film became Bollywood's most expensive in 2009. It had some brilliant underwater shots, expensive action choreography, a long schedule in Bahamas but no grace! The hefty paychecks of Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt took the film's budget overboard and its flimsy story about an under-sea bounty left many disappointed. Special appearance by Kylie Minogue (who was paid 6.6 crores) added to the producers' pockets.

12. Drona

It is always a risk to invest 87 crores on Abhishek Bachchan, right? But good friend and producer Goldie Behl took the risk, only to realise what he lost when the film bombed heavily at the box office. A superhero flick, so to speak, was too full of imaginary rubbish.

13. Ajooba

A film with a budget of 8 crores in 1991 was solid money! So much so, that Shashi Kapoor had to close down his film production company after this film. His friendship with Amitabh Bachchan fell back real hard it seems. This highly hyped superhero film failed to make any impact on the audience.

14. Besharam

Sometimes we just wonder why brilliant actors like Ranbir Kapoor end up doing such poor films. His super stardom did draw the audience to the theaters but, ultimately, the content has to do the talking and it was declared an absolute letdown. The 85-crore film only managed to cover 35 crores.

15. RGV Ki Aag

Let's save the best for the last. So if I call it the biggest box office disaster till date, I hope most of you will agree. Many also listed it among the worst Bollywood movies ever made. The basic crux of remaking a classic Sholay raised many eyebrows. Ram Gopal Verma messed the older version making Amitabh play Babban Singh on the lines of Gabbar. Poor casting, bad storytelling and horrible reception made this big budget film a catastrophe!

Source: Indiatimes
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